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Susan Calman – Listomania Series 1

Susan Calman Fave

Susan Calman hosts brand new series ‘Listomania’ tomorrow on BBC Radio 2,┬áin which a panel of comedians, DJs and musicians take part in a series of games to celebrate the power of the humble list. Tune in at 10pm for the first of six hysterical episodes.

Sam Delaney Mad Men & Bad men


The brilliant new book from Sam Delaney, MAD MEN & BAD MEN, is out now. It tells the true story of how a bunch of unelected, unaccountable admen ended up running British politics. Featuring interviews with key players from all sides of the political and advertising divide, Sam has written a book that, according to The Guardian is “Fresh and spiced with surprises…” and “describes the incestuous, sometimes disingenuous world of London advertising with authority and clarity.” The book is published by Faber and you can buy it here

Phil Hammond book


Dr Phil Hammond has written a fantastic new book. It’s out at the beginning of April but is already available to pre-order. You can get to the front of the queue here.

Drawing from a lifetime of experience within the NHS, Phil guides you through, in his own inimitable style, how to get the very best treatment for you and your loved ones.

Giles Coren – Million Dollar Critic


Giles Coren’s brand new American series, ‘Million Dollar Critic’, premieres tonight on BBC America. Tune in for the first episode to see Giles celebrate his love of food and the ‘Rocky’ movies in Philly.

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